Consultancy Services

3Mal Lee and Roger Broadie are global leaders on the digital evolution and transformation of schooling, with an in-depth understanding of this profound educational development matched by few others.

Do a quick Google search using terms like ‘digital evolution of schooling’, ‘digital normalisation’ or ‘BYOT’ and you’ll find the writings and thinking of Mal and Roger dominate the literature, with few others as yet addressing the development.

While business and increasingly the public sector are seriously addressing the imperative of digital transformation, schooling and educational leaders generally have been much slower to recognise the development is profoundly impacting schooling and the viability of traditional paper based schools.

Mal and Roger have a depth and breadth of understanding of the digital evolution of schooling matched at this point in 2015 by few others.

Both are very happy to provide consultancy advice on any facet of the school evolutionary process at the school or system level. We can do it face-to-face or online.

Both of us have years of experience in the conduct of school staff development workshops, seminars, policy development and presentations.

As you’ll note in the Contact details Mal works out of Broulee, on the far south NSW Australia and Roger out of Halifax in England.


Further information on Mal and Roger can be found in About Us.


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