Leadership Development

 Leading Your School’s Digital Evolution

 A unique opportunity for school leaders globally

Schools globally critically need principals and executive willing and able to successfully lead the on-going evolution of a digital school.

There are in 2017 remarkably few sources worldwide where one can learn the art of leading a digital school.

If you want to play a lead role your school’s digital evolution this is the program for you.

In the ten weeks of the Leadership Program you will work directly with two of the world’s leaders  in acquiring the macro understanding needed shaping a school’s digital evolution.

Whether you are an existing or aspiring principal, or leader of the school’s digital ecosystem, its teaching and learning or information services the course leaders will address the myriad of human and technological variables critical to shaping an ever evolving digitally based school ecosystem.

They will share their research and provide the insight required to shape a quality pathfinding school where the digital is normalised.

The schools that have normalised the whole school use of the digital are discovering enormous educational, social and economic benefits.

By creating digitally based, tightly integrated, increasingly mature and higher order ecosystems those schools have positioned themselves to thrive, to sustain their viability and to continually provide an apt quality education in a rapidly evolving world.

Analysis of the pathfinder schools worldwide reveals the common threads all schools wishing to ‘change their business model’ will need to address if they are to succeed.

The course will address those threads and apply them to your unique situation.

Through this program you will:

  • Review the strategic direction of your school in the light of the digital changes happening in society and your school’s community.
  • Understand the key developmental threads that need to be pursued in parallel, putting these into the context of your national education system and curriculum.
  • Be able to quickly identify your school’s evolutionary position and the likely path ahead
  • Create a big picture, three-year development plan for your school’s evolution.
  • Plan professional development approaches you use to grow and empower your staff and community.
  • Practice assessing the likely and real impact on learning and return-on-investment of technology acquisitions.

Mal Lee (based in Australia) leads on the programs particularly to fit the southern school year and Roger Broadie (based in the UK) leads on those to particularly fit the northern school year. That said with the courses being conducted online you can select either of us to lead, bearing in mind that there are several skype sessions that need to fit time zones.

Please contact us by email if you would like a program run for you and your colleagues. Programs can be arranged for a minimum of three and a maximum of ten school leaders.


The program will build on the pioneering work of Mal Lee and Roger Broadie, that is captured in their:

  • Taxonomy of School Evolutionary Stages
  • suite of studies and articles they’ve written up on virtually every aspect of digital schooling
  • blogs on digital evolution – published weekly at – www.digitalevolutionofschooling.net

They will connect you with the insights of pathfinder schools in many parts of the world, to enable you to plan your strategic approach and staff development.

The program involves a mixture of individual and group Skype sessions, individual activities, group discussions online and reference to key resources to aid your understanding and to use with your staff.

Conscious of how ‘time poor’ are all school leaders and the importance of ‘just in time’ on the job personal development each program will be directed to creating an apt implementation strategy for your school, and providing each participant the wherewithal to conduct a comprehensive, inexpensive ‘in house’ staff development program.

Moreover the program will be highly focused with a specific outcomes set for each of the 10 weeks.

While each program will of necessity be tailored to the particular group all will in general terms address the following critical aspects of digital schooling.


  • Digital transformation of organisations
  • Client expectations
  • Evolution of complex adaptive systems
  • Digital evolution of schooling – evolutionary continuum
  • Positioning the school


  • Taking charge of own growth
  • Role of Principal
  • Role of CDO
  • Steering group/champions
  • Human challenge


  • Organisational transformation
  • Focus on desired totality – not the parts
  • Shaping educational and digital vision
  • C21 education for digital and networked society
  • Playing the old and new games
  • Tightening nexus between mission and deployment of resources
  • Big picture development strategy
  • Accommodating planned linear and natural non-linear growth
  • Optimising intended and unintended benefits
  • Equity and cognitive readiness

Shaping the Digital Ecosystem

  • Shaping desired evolving integrated higher order digital ecosystem and networked school community
  • 47 key variables
  • From insular, constant, loosely coupled to networked, ever evolving, tightly integrated 24/7/365
  • Digital and network infrastructure
  • Role of school website and digitally based operations
  • Personal digital technologies


  • Culture of change/risk taking/start up nature
  • Empowering and supporting the professionals
  • Independent teachers free to take risks and fly
  • Respect, trust, recognise contribution and empower – students, homes, community
  • Home – school – community collaboration

Learning and teaching

  • Learner centred collaborative teaching
  • Ecosystem that simultaneously addresses all the variables that enhance each child’s learning
  • Recognition and merging of 24/7/365 learning and teaching
  • Normalised near invisible all pervasive use of the digital

Productivity and effectiveness

  • Digitised operations
  • Taking advantage of digital data
  • Multi-functional, multi-purpose operations
  • Efficiency, economies, synergies
  • Automation
  • Pooled resourcing – social, material and unexpected
  • Making the dollar go further
  • Integrated marketing and genuine immersive experiences
  • Attracting the clientele
  • Digital schools growing digital communities


We see it is critical that each participant is provided the personal support required. They will thus only be a maximum of 10 places in each ten-week program.

The program open to any existing or aspiring school leaders anywhere in the networked world.

It is strongly advised you seek to engage with this program only if at least a critical mass of your teachers (65% – 75%) of your teachers are naturally using a variety of digital technologies in their everyday teaching.

The program cost is US$ 2000 per person (plus any national taxes due) for the 10-weeks.

To register email either Mal Lee – mallee@icloud.com or Roger Broadie – roger@broadieassociates.co.uk – and they will invoice you.