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About The Program Leaders.

Between us we have over 100 years experience in the use of instructional technology and its application in the enhancement and transformation of schooling.

Mal’s background is in educational administration at the school and system level while Roger’s is more from the technology and marketing industries, with however both of us in our mature years focussing on how best to use the digital technology to transform the quality and relevance of schooling in the 21st century.

Mal Lee

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Mal Lee is an internationally published educational consultant and author specializing in the digital evolution and transformation of schooling.

His focus in recent years has been on the structural transformation occurring in the pathfinder schools globally and the lessons flowing from those schools. In that context he has written extensively on the move to a 24/7/365 mode of schooling, the critical importance of BYOT and the importance of shaping increasingly powerful, digitally based school ecosystems.

Mal is a former director of schools, head of board of senior studies, secondary college principal, technology company director and a member of the Mayer Committee that identified the Key Competencies for Australia’s schools.

Mal has now released seven publications with ACER Press.

  • 2008 – Leading a Digital School with Professor Michael Gaffney
2009 – The Use of Instructional Technology in Schools with Dr Arthur Winzenried
2009 – The Interactive Whiteboard Revolution – Teaching with IWBs with Chris Betcher
  • 2010 – Developing a Networked School Community with Professor Glenn Finger
  • 2012 – Bring Your Own Technology with Martin Levins
2013 – Collaboration in learning: transcending the classroom walls – with Dr Lorrae Ward
  • 2016 – BYOT and the Digital Evolution of Schooling – with Martin Levins

Mal, in collaboration with Roger has authored has in the pipeline publications on

  • 2016 A Taxonomy of School Evolutionary Stages
  • 2016 A Taxonomy of School Evolutionary Stages: Evolution within the Threads

In addition Mal over the last 20 plus years has literally written hundreds of articles on the use of digital technology in schooling.

The more recent of those articles can be found on this site within the main blog and the Articles section.


  • The digital evolution and transformation of schooling
The role of the principal in leading a digital school
  • BYOT
Collaboration in learning – and teaching
Educational benefits realisation

Roger Broadie

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  • Co-founder of Liberating Learning, member of the management team and one of the Yorkshire Local Partners.
  • Instigator of the Naace 3rd Millennium Learning Award, with a key role in its development
  • Interim strategic lead for ICT for Blackburn with Darwen and Bolton BSF pending appointment of the ICT Programme Director and ICT Transformation Lead
  • Consultant to, and then Business Development Director for Frogtrade as the company grew from 11 to 60+ staff
  • Coordinator of Becta/Naace projects on transformed learning and ICT CPD and leader of think tanks on personalised learning and Building Schools for the Future
  • Provision of marketing and strategic project consultancy to 3Com, Adobe, AOL, Apple, Capita Education Services, Cisco, Compaq, DfES, East Midlands Broadband Consortium, Frogtrade, IBM, Intel, KPMG, Macromedia, NETg, Online Media, SCET, SIR software, Sun Microsystems, TASC Software and YDP.
  • Chief Executive of the European Education Partnership and leader of its initiatives to inform policy makers and education leaders of the changes necessary in areas such as learning content, pedagogy, teachers’ skills and use of learning platforms to maximise the value of ICT in education and the learning benefits
  • Creation of Learning Markets Analysis Ltd and its European network of national experts to analyse the use of ICT in education across Europe and the business opportunities.
  • Organiser and coordinator of the government-level EU Partnerships in Practice conference 1997, Apple’s European education-leader conferences 1998/9, and various conferences in the UK.
  • Leading Acorn’s education marketing between 1987 and 1996 including establishing the Acorn in Education Centres in conjunction with local authorities and implementing an online education service in the Cambridge interactive TV trial.


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