Please feel free to download a both revised 2016 edition of A Taxonomy of School Evolutionary Stages and the markedly updated 2016 version of the complementary work, Evolution within the Threads.

There is no cost.

The complementary publication, Evolution within the Threads is an in-depth elaboration of Chapter 4 of the Taxonomy, that explores in depth the evolution that has occurred within the pathfinders in 29 plus key operational areas.

As indicated in the book we are very happy to see the work used with appropriate citation by all associated with schools.

2015 Taxonomy of School Evolutionary Stages

Evolution within the Threads 2016

To introduce the taxonomy to school leaders we have produced a single page sheet showing with stage statements for six of the most important threads – useful for school leaders to identify where their schools currently are and where they would like the school to be in say two years.

Following requests to secure a copy of the graphic (2.1) of the six evolutionary stages a copy of the jpeg is attached. As usual simply give due acknowledgement in its use.

Evolutionary Stages Final

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